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Progress matters

The tech revolution is the biggest opportunity in progressive politics today. With the right policy and strategy, it can help us build a fairer and more prosperous society.

But it is also our biggest challenge, because it is seen by many as a threat and it has amplified the politics of division and destruction.

To retake the political initiative, progressive politics must own the debate on tech. It’s not enough to deal with it in passing — we need to engage fully and find radical, practical answers to the big questions facing the world today. It’s about progress.

About Chris and the team

I have worked in and around tech for the last decade — in business, government and the charity sector. I’ve seen first hand that the biggest opportunities and challenges of the 21st century arise at the intersection of technology and policy / politics.

Today I am an Executive Director at the not-for-profit Tony Blair Institute, where I lead the Technology and Public Policy team. We develop policy and strategy for progressive leaders to master the tech revolution.

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